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What Super Bowl Ads Say About The Audience’s Health


Full Disclosure: Before five minutes ago, I was unsure what teams made it into the upcoming Super Bowl. I mean, if one of them isn’t the Eagles, then my attention span plummets to nonexistent.

But, being that “THE” game is apolitical and topical, what better way to contribute some semblance of expertise than through analysis of the ads and how they may or may not reflect the health interests and possible status of the audience? 

Given that the ads are my favorite part of the event anyway, they will be the focus.  Because they are the focus of a lot of people, the ads have become a cultural phenomenon, and so there is real investment in being entertaining. It sometimes makes or breaks companies for the year so they want to appeal even to those not captivated by the sporting event itself.  

But you can determine the demographic of greatest interest by the ads. Ever watch golf?  You will note the disproportionate number of advertisements for erectile dysfunction (ED) medications - and in other media the commercials will even tell us to see the full disclosure in a golf magazine. Why, when according to the National Institutes of Health 12 percent of men under 60 and 22 percent in their 60s have what is considered true erectile dysfunction? Does ED strike golfers more than the larger population? Or is ED a symptom of other issues and that precludes other sports? ED can by a symptom of heart disease, for instance, and other medical conditions. Or is it that golf is primarily played by older men and ED is often a greater challenge as men age, so product placements geared toward golfers provides more bang for their buck? 

Such is the case here. Though a valid argument might be that exposure alone at an event like this may serve to trump or edge out precise audience breakdowns, these spots get replayed and replayed and are ever associated with the event. That said, it might be more accurate to ascertain the leading health status of the audience in a weekly NFL game from assessing the ads than the Super Bowl given the expanded diversity of viewership.